Supporting Kazakh Helicopter Company



Supporting the business development of the Kazakh branch of Vostok Helicopter Leasing Company.

Kazakh Helicopter Company (KHC)

Kazakh Helicopter Company (KHC) provides operational leasing, financial leasing and dry fractional ownership of helicopters.


  • Assist with the launch of a successful business into a new market
  • Build a set of tools to finance the new venture 


AviaMediaTech Ltd conducted a market & opportunity analysis for a new helicopter leasing venture in Kazakhstan. The team drafted a benchmark of existing helicopter leasing businesses and business models in the commercial aircraft industry. They identified the key success factors and possible pitfalls. As a result of this investigation, AviaMediaTech advised offering three types of products: operational leasing, financial leasing, and dry fractional ownership, to attract a wider set of clients with more flexibility.

 Eurocopter/Airbus Helicopters had a strong presence in the Russian market by being the first foreign manufacturer with a fully-fledged Russian subsidiary. They were able to provide modern & lighter helicopters to operators hoping to renew or expand their fleet. The rapidly growing demand for transportation rising from the booming oil & gas industry as well as the Russians willingness to pay western prices on services represented a huge opportunity for a Western supplier to enter the market. Upon expanding to the Kazakh market, Eurocopter/Airbus Helicopters Vostok would establish a training and maintenance base to support the helicopter services, to offer the full range of services they already had in Russia.

 Having moved from consultant to incubator, AviaMediaTech Ltd then provided a broad range of services to ensure the rapid development of the venture without disrupting other business operations. We developed a business plan and prepared an investment pack and a structure for KHC. After receiving a positive “go ahead” for the project from Eurocopter, steps towards the new leasing company establishments were taken.


The launching phase of the project was set for September 2010. AviaMediaTech provided guidelines for the fundraising campaign to finance the venture. This venture helped build a long-standing relationship between Airbus Helicopters and Kazakhstan. In 2015, Airbus Helicopters delivered 26 EC145s to Kazakhstan, which are now used by government agencies like the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Environment.

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