Académie du Service UK, setting up a UK branch (2015-2017)



Incubating Académie du Service International, starting with a UK branch to develop international business

Académie du Service

Since 2004, Académie du Service France offers customer experience/employee engagement consulting services, Training and Research& Development to more than 200 companies.


  • Develop & launch a branch in a new country
  • Understand a new & very competitive market


In November 2015, AviaMediaTech signed a 3 year consulting and incubation contract with Académie du Service France to launch internationally, starting with the setup of the UK subsidiary in view of expanding into the American and Russian markets.

After one year of activity on this consulting and incubation project, AviaMediaTech was renewed as an incubation consultant for the UK branch and Alexis Grabar was named founding partner. The venture had an ambitious business plan – to become a £1 million company with 10 launching customers in the UK, US, and Russia by summer 2017, and to have a team of 10 consultants in London (50% employees, 50% freelance) with local trainers/consultants in the US, Russia, and other international markets.

In 2016, AviaMediaTech/Académie du Service approached more than 25 potential clients in seven verticals: Media/High Tech/Telcos, Transport and Logistics, Luxury and Fashion, Banking and Insurance, Retail and Hospitality/Restaurants.
 Académie du Service made commercial offers to ten accounts (GEFCO, Decathlon UK, Dior, Swinton Insurance, PSA UK, Mazars UK, Apple UK) and signed three launching customers, GEFCO UK, Decathlon UK, and Cuisinella.

Académie du Service UK also developed partnership deals such as a content licensing deal with Engage Media to help them generate and distribute marketing content relevant to their business development efforts.


Entering its second year of business in 2017, Académie du Service UK was relocated to France: a change in management led to a reorganization and an international team was set up in Paris, to take care of international business development. Alexis Grabar & Claire Bonniol, living in London, decided to part ways with the venture and to start a new business: CXBHUB.



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