Entrepreneurship in action: successful careers

HEC Paris supports entrepreneurship and interviewed two visionaries and HEC graduates: Eric la Bonnardière (M.06) and Alexis Grabar (MBA.02).
This article was first published by HEC Paris in September 2015.

[Alexis Grabar] Can you briefly describe your background?

I am a Franco-American entrepreneur who has been based in London for the past 13 years. I am an expert in the Aviation, Media, Tech, Luxury, Retail and Cosmetics industries with a particular focus on UK and International markets.

Prior to my MBA from HEC Paris, I worked in the private sector with Eurocopter, Airbus and Cap Gemini. I have since founded 4 companies in the UK, France, and Russia, including AviaMediaTech and Avolus.

Today I am a Board member of the 1st cosmetics group in Russia in charge at the Arnest Board level of Corporate Governance, Governmental relations, International major accounts management, Internal/External communication, and HR.

What is the idea behind AviaMedia Tech?

The idea behind AviaMediatech is a consulting and Capital Services company capable of:
1) incubating companies, 2) fund-raising, 3) consulting SME/Family businesses/ Fortune 500 companies at Management and Board levels with a focus on 3 original industries: Aviation, Media, and Technology.

What were the initial hurdles you encountered when creating AviaMedia Tech?

Creating a sustainable and scalable business model, not being taken over by managing the incubated companies (Avolus/VHLC/KHC), not being able to become a Venture Capital Fund to finance as I was not coming from an Investment banking background but from an industrial one.

How did the MBA program at HEC Paris help you create your business?

 13 years ago, HEC Paris MBA gave me the toolbox to do all this with strategy/finance/ marketing skills.


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