Private jets set Avolus on growth trajectory

This article was published in the INFO Mag, a magazine produced by the French Chamber of Great Britain, in September 2011.

Alexis Grabar is fascinated by what makes a company win. He not only enjoys raising money from investors but is skilled at backing winners. One such is his own company, Avolus, a leading player in the private jet chartering and acquisition sector.

Wealthy people are prepared to pay large sums for companies that will take the pain out of global travel. That is the simple truth that Alexis Grabar and his company Avolus have found profitable. By taking a limousine to the airport and a private plane or helicopter, whichever is more appropriate, and then another limousine at the other end, or perhaps a yacht to the ultimate destination, very high net worth individuals and senior businessmen will arrive at meetings in better shape, or be able to indulge their expensive fantasies. Avolus measures its success, in part, by the wealth of the people on its books, and Mr. Grabar is proud to report that the company has five billionaires (out of a global universe of 1200) and 40 multi-millionaires on its books. He is too discreet to name any of them.

The tastes of his clients are extremely diverse. So while some will simply want to make a transatlantic crossing in a private jet in comfort, another, in this case, a Russian, was prepared to pay 350,000€ for a ‘huge flight’ between Moscow and the Antarctic. This enabled the oligarch to celebrate his birthday with his friends.  In fact, the company’s average transaction is only 25,000€.

Although Mr. Grabar says he does not accompany the client on every journey, it is no wonder that he and his team are constantly on the move. ‘My team and I need to be on the planes, at the airports. This personal touch is the key aspect of our business. It is very  important.’  He says that  70%  of the business is obtained from referral. So the element of customer care cannot be overstressed.


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