Press release – Strategic partnership & sponsoring with Cercle Orion – 13-11-19

In a world profoundly disrupted by digital technologies and ever-changing geopolitical dynamics, the Cercle Orion and AviaMediaTech are delighted to announce their new strategic partnership this Wednesday 13th of November 2019.

This partnership will allow the two entities to work together in the following years on different topics related to Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Digital Technologies, Geopolitics in London (UK) and Paris (France).

AviaMediaTech will sponsor the Cercle Orion in order to help the launch in the UK and its consolidation in Paris (France).

With the launch of the Cercle Orion in London, vitrine of globalization, modern and at the cutting-edge thinking, this partnership will have the following goals:

1/ Joint events

One joint event will be organized in London per quarter starting from 2020 on different topics related to digital transformation and the ecosystem of start-ups (including FinTechs and New Retail Tech). These events will require a real in depth research on the London ecosystem of starts-ups including financing, deep Tech and incubators. These events will be open to the partners and clients of AviaMediaTech and the members of the Cercle Orion but also to a larger public interested in these issues.

2/ Incubator

The partnership will launch a new activity in London related to a business incubator for promising early-age Tech/Service start-ups in digital technologies and finance. The goal will be to provide high-level advices on fundraising, law contract, legal and financial matters, international development and strategy.

3/ Strategic advices and coaching

AviaMediaTech will have the possibility to develop its coaching activity with the new generation of leaders whereas the Cercle Orion will benefit from 17 years of the AviaMediaTech strategic experience in London.

Find out more about the Cercle Orion at the official website :

For more information about AviaMediaTech, please visit

About the Cercle Orion :

The Cercle Orion is a club dedicated to political thought – political, as in “with regard to the Polis” – and action. It gathers young leaders who are fully engaged in our society, and strive to reach a better understanding of the world’s issues, so as to transform and improve it. Its ambition is to gain a voice on all major contemporary themes through a triple lens:

-Sustainable development

Contact: Alexandre MANCINO (President & Founder)


About AviaMediaTech :

AviaMediaTech Ltd is an independent Consulting and Capital Services firm focused on business development and international expansion with 14 years of successful operations in the UK. With a strong vision and ambition combined with a great international network, AviaMediaTech Ltd aims to find effective answers to matters regarding Consulting, Fundraising, Trading and Incubation.

Contact : Alexis GRABAR (CEO & Founder)


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