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Alexis Grabar joins Hiveworks as non-executive director (2017)

Mission Finding a new board member for Hiveworks. Hiveworks Hiveworks is a service design studio (ex-Orange Digital) studying experiences among customers, brands and their supporting systems to identify issues and opportunities. Challenges Developing a new business in the aviation industry Setting-up a development strategy for 2018-2019 Story Hiveworks and AviaMediaTech were introduced by CXBHUB, the latest […]

Barony Universal Products PLC/Arnest Group – Board Service Provider (2013-2016)

Mission Finding a new board member for Barony Universal. Barony Universal Founded in 1994, Barony Universal is a leading manufacturer and marketer of branded cosmetics, toiletries, and household products worldwide. Challenges Providing an expertise in internal/external growth and board strategy Working on Merger & Acquisitions Story In 2013, Alexis Grabar was appointed CCO to the […]

CXBHUB, incubating a Cx/Ex consultancy (2017-now)

Mission Launch, support & grow a Cx/Ex consultancy. CXBHUB CXBHUB is a fresh consulting model for customer excellence, combining ‘plug-and-play’ customer/employee experience solutions with strategic consulting. Challenges Create a new model of Cx/Ex consulting business Sign partnerships with excellence partners Fundraise and grow the company Story Once the Academie du Service UK experience was over, […]

Académie du Service UK, setting up a UK branch (2015-2017)

Mission Incubating Académie du Service International, starting with a UK branch to develop international business Académie du Service Since 2004, Académie du Service France offers customer experience/employee engagement consulting services, Training and Research& Development to more than 200 companies. Challenges Develop & launch a branch in a new country Understand a new & very competitive […]

AVOLUS, incubating a luxury one stop shop door to door transport company (2007-2012)

Mission From creation to business stability, support & grow a luxury door to door transportation business Client/Company AVOLUS is the first luxury transport company to offer ground, air and sea transportation via one-off charters and prepaid cards. Operational 24/7/365, it handles its clients’ trips around the world by cars, helicopters, jets and yachts. Challenges Develop […]

AVOLUS Ltd and AVOLUS Group– Fundraising to grow a business (June 2004)

Mission Fundraising for the growth of the AVOLUS Group. AVOLUS AVOLUS was one-stop shop luxury transportation door-to-door business Challenges Raise £250K of Friends and Family money Raise £250K of Private Equity money Raise £2M and a €25M investment plan from a family office to expand massively internationally and vertically (purchase of EUROJET and management of BANASEA airport) […]

The Mentor.TV, fundraising for a launch (2015)

Mission Fundraising for the launch of  The Mentor.TV. The Mentor.TV The-Mentor.TV was created in April 2015 with the purpose to create a global, interactive multi-media platform dedicated to leadership and leadership development Challenges Find new financial investors Prepare the project for launch Grow the business Story Alexis Grabar was appointed first as the CCO of […]

Private jets, Helicopters and Yachts – Purchase & Sale support (2005-2018)

Mission Supporting the purchase or sale of private jets, helicopters, and Yachts by B2C (High Net worth individuals) and B2B clients (operators) Client/Company Private clients / PrivaJet /  JETCRAFT / JETFLY / NETJETS Challenges Evaluate clients requirements Evaluate market conditions Negotiate & follow-up on the whole process Story AviaMediaTech Ltd assists clients looking to buy […]

Direct Energy, fundraising a low-cost electricity supplier (2005-2007)

Mission Fundraising to support Direct Energie’s growth from a start-up to a medium-size enterprise. Direct Energy Direct Energie is a French low-cost electricity supplier for professionals, small and medium businesses and local governments. Challenges Find new financial investors. Story Direct Energie had reached a point where it had secured its electricity provision and identified its […]

Supporting Kazakh Helicopter Company

Mission Supporting the business development of the Kazakh branch of Vostok Helicopter Leasing Company. Kazakh Helicopter Company (KHC) Kazakh Helicopter Company (KHC) provides operational leasing, financial leasing and dry fractional ownership of helicopters. Challenges Assist with the launch of a successful business into a new market Build a set of tools to finance the new […]

Vostok Helicopter
Vostok Helicopter Leasing Company (2005 – 2006)

Mission Supporting the development of a new venture in an untapped market: helicopters leasing in Russia Client/Company Vostok helicopter leasing company (VHLC), is an off-shore registered, Russian-based company mainly supported by Airbus helicopters vostok (ex-eurocopter vostok), the world’s leading helicopter manufacturer. Challenges Answer the fast-growing demand for helicopter transportation in Russia/cis Create and build a […]


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