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AVOLUS Ltd and AVOLUS Group– Fundraising to grow a business (June 2004)

Mission Fundraising for the growth of the AVOLUS Group. AVOLUS AVOLUS was one-stop shop luxury transportation door-to-door business Challenges Raise £250K of Friends and Family money Raise £250K of Private Equity money Raise £2M and a €25M investment plan from a family office to expand massively internationally and vertically (purchase of EUROJET and management of BANASEA airport) […]

The Mentor.TV, fundraising for a launch (2015)

Mission Fundraising for the launch of  The Mentor.TV. The Mentor.TV The-Mentor.TV was created in April 2015 with the purpose to create a global, interactive multi-media platform dedicated to leadership and leadership development Challenges Find new financial investors Prepare the project for launch Grow the business Story Alexis Grabar was appointed first as the CCO of […]

Direct Energy, fundraising a low-cost electricity supplier (2005-2007)

Mission Fundraising to support Direct Energie’s growth from a start-up to a medium-size enterprise. Direct Energy Direct Energie is a French low-cost electricity supplier for professionals, small and medium businesses and local governments. Challenges Find new financial investors. Story Direct Energie had reached a point where it had secured its electricity provision and identified its […]


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